Waste Recycling

At Junky Bins, we have established comprehensive waste management strategies to address both organic and inorganic waste streams, ensuring efficient handling and responsible disposal practices.

Organic Waste Management:

Our approach to organic waste management involves innovative solutions aimed at converting waste into valuable resources. Through the utilization of the Black Soldier Fly (BSF) project, we effectively process organic waste collected from households, hotels, and institutions. The Black Soldier Fly larvae bio-waste conversion method offers promising opportunities, producing protein-rich larvae suitable for poultry, pig, and fish feeds. Additionally, we obtain organic manure and fertilizer from the residue, further enhancing the sustainability of our practices. This sustainable and cost-effective alternative protein source aligns with our commitment to promoting environmental stewardship and resource conservation.

Inorganic Waste Management:

In managing inorganic waste, we employ a systematic approach focused on sorting and recycling various materials. The sorting process ensures the proper segregation of waste into different categories for appropriate processing.

We customized waste pickup programs for the following;


Addressing the significant issue of plastic waste, we collect and recycle all types of plastics, collaborating with Vintz Plastics Limited. Through this partnership, plastics are recycled into water tanks, basins, and other products, contributing to the reduction of plastic pollution and the promotion of a circular economy.


Collaborating with the WEEE Center (WC), we handle electronic waste (E-waste) with care, ensuring responsible disposal and resource recovery through processing and repackaging for reuse.

Cartons and Waste Paper

Partnering with Kamongo Waste Paper, we facilitate the recycling of cartons and waste paper, contributing to the reduction of paper waste and the promotion of recycling practices.

Non-Recyclable Waste

Even materials deemed non-recyclable, such as masks, diapers, and pads, are managed responsibly. Partnering with specialized companies, we convert these items into alternative resources such as fuel, reducing their environmental impact.

Through these integrated waste management practices, Junky Bins strives to minimize waste generation, promote recycling, and foster a sustainable approach to waste disposal, ultimately contributing to a cleaner and greener environment for future generations.